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Colombian tradition has always been involved with sharing with Friends and family, after meals have always included desserts and delights; for this reason fruit sauces and its derivatives still are an important part of our lives.

All farms have always had fruit crops around their houses, and the way to take advantage of the is to mix the fruit with sugar and through different processes make them long living, nothing is more delightful than a fruit filling, or a cake decorated with fruit, with all its colors and aromas.

Frutas Naturales

Producidas con moras y fresas 100% naturales, nuestras salsas de frutas tienen la textura perfecta para rellenos de donuts, pasteles, hojaldres, o simplemente para la mesa donde acompaña los antojos familiares con su equilibrio entre sabor dulce y el cítrico natural de las frutas.
Dulce de Leche para la Mesa
Dulce de Leche ligth


Bakery glazes are one of the most used supplies in cakes and baked goods, because its ductile but consistent texture, and the glow that it produces from all its colors, are both a fundamental element in durability and optimal appearance in this product.



Our “Choladitas” sauces come from the happiness in the typical Colombian product like the “Cholado Valluno”, ice cones, natural ice-creams, among others, its consistent but ductile texture make it ideal as a topping.

Its bright colors and its delicious flavor make it a perfect partner in cooking.
Leche Condensada Topping

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