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Arequipe or Caramel Spread is a big part of the Colombian tradition where in our countryside, after milking our cows, milk was picked up and delivered to houses and haciendas, in a copper pan over a wood oven mixed with sugar until boiling to achieve color and texture preferred by each family.

Finally, Arequipe or Caramel Spread was served in fancy plates or simple “Totumos” accompanying other traditional candies made from blackberries, strawberries, cheese “Cuajada”, kinds of plums, guava caramel and “Papayuela”.

Other names:
  • In Argentina, “Dulce de leche”.
  • In México, “Cajeta”.
  • In Chile, “Manjar Blanco”.

For the Table

Our Arequipe Premium or Caramel Spread is made from the traditional recipe from our grandparents. Thanks to its soft texture and delicious dairy taste, is the ideal complement for the families cravings, ideal for cookies, cheese, desserts, to name a few.

Dulce de Leche para la Mesa
Dulce de Leche ligth


Our traditional recipe maintains the characteristic flavor of this product and the development of a special formula makes it have only 40 calories per portion of 30 grs. Its soft and ductile texture, its caramel color and its traditional flavor makes it easy to accompany other desserts like cookies, baked goods among a few, without the same amount of calories of a traditional Arequipe or Caramel Spread.



“El Manjar Blanco” and its special homemade craft is ideal for bakery. Used as filling in bakery, with a more dense and moldable texture that those form Arequipe or Caramel Spread from the table, “El Manjar Blanco” it’s ideal for donut, piononos and barquillos fillings to name a few. Its bright color and flavor makes it ideal for high bakery.



Our “Manjar Blanco” has a special line made for baked goods filling; its moldable texture allows working with puff or flaky pastry, with an ideal texture to put right in the oven; its sweet flavor is ideal for all traditional international bakery lines.



The traditional “Manjar Blanco” has a variety common known as the “Tipo Milhoja”. Its name comes from the typical dessert made from puff pastry were its covering is made from and decorated with “Manjar Blanco”. Its excellent glow, dairy flavor, soft and sweet smell makes its light texture an ideal decoration for pastry and bakery among a few.

Dulce de Leche para decoración

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