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Taking our products to other countries is a source of great pride. Sharing our field, quality, tradition and industry inspires us to grow every day.

We have developed alliances and representations so that our export plan today becomes a reality. We present solutions in the following channels:

  • We are specialists in the production of our own brands and we work with the most representative chains of the Colombian and international market.
  • We have more than 10 years of experience offering our quality standards to support our clients' own brand.
  • We work as a team with large chains and supermarkets to develop products in all types of presentations, together in the search for packaging materials in accordance with the own food regulations, and the competitiveness of our product in the internal markets of each country.

Great Industry:

  • From our beginnings we develop products according to the needs of our clients, where we contribute with our flavors and tradition to the development of another final product.
  • We have the technology for the development of products with specific characteristics that we make available for the production of our clients; we offer custom developments.
Let's work together and take our products to any corner of the world.
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